Rukmini Kumi, Creative and Events Manager

Mrs. Rukmini Kumi,
Creative and Event Manager

MuttiDecor is a wholly owned Ghanaian company that has being operating a sole proprietorship for 4 years and got incorporated as a limited liability company on the 20th of May, 2010.

The company is legally mandated to operate as Events Organisers, Planning and Training in floral industry.

MuttiDecor is always in season and believes in meeting the insatiable needs of today’s customers in the floral industry by mastering the various designs and skills to generate quality outputs in achieving customer expectations.

It is worth noting that over that past few years of our operations, we are very well known in the floral industry for our comprehensive catalogue of high quality products, coloured’s and designs. We also know that quality extends well beyond a company’s products. Thus, our team is passionate about our company and our enthusiasm and motivation helps drive our efforts to provide an enjoyable customer experience.

Once again, at MuttiDecor we are a people’s business and treat our customer with respect. We put the highest degree of confidence and respect in out staff to deliver personalized service that is customer-driven and responsive to their needs. With a few years in operations, our team is not just dedicated to Muttidecor; we are committed to supporting the growth and success of our customers and the entire floral industry.

Operations Manager

Mrs. Isis Boafo,
Operations Manager

In satisfying our customers, we strive to develop and offer the right solution. Our design team work closely with our trusted suppliers around the industry to ensure that we meet today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s trends.

WE in-turn knowledge and ideas into profit RE – create come exciting floral arrangements that our designers have assembled just for you.


To serve our customers, employees, shareholders and the society by providing a brand range of flowery decorative services and products.


To create consistent value for our customers and floral partners that will maximise shareholders value and long term earnings and growth. WE exist to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design, packaging and delivery of flowery services and products.


Out promise and message to our customers is “their floral needs are done easily” – with maintained peace of mind.


Ensuring customer success is always priority number one: This means that our customer can always count on us to develop and deliver the best solution for them, in an efficient and professional way, in order to create maximum value.


We know that success means being ahead of competition: Therefore, we are constantly looking from ways to innovate and improve. We see change as an opportunity to do things smarter than others. This means that our customers will gain access to thought leadership that will help them to stay ahead.


We take personal responsibility to deliver superior results to our customers: We are passionate about what we do and are committed to make a difference. We take pride in out work and strive to always exceed expectations.


We listen to our customers, respect them, whatever their point of view, and take responsibility for our actions, giving them peace of mind: We treat other with respect and maintain fairness in all relationships. Every meeting with another colleague, client or partner is characterised by openness, respect and trust. We value dversity and the well-being of others.

Thus, through values, our drive and expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to provide world class services to a global customer base.